Kids _ Bubbles


A space for children to express themselves through

active play and imagination.

GIGIL was created in the Spring of 2020. When it seemed as though the world was closing it’s doors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alicia jumped online to provide a space for kids to laugh, move and be silly using dance, yoga and mindfulness techniques. This has now become the mission for GIGIL.


Alicia is a NYC based dancer/actor with a passion for performing and working with kids. Her training as a dancer has led her to perform all over North America from dancing with Michael Buble in Canada, to singing and acting in "A Christmas Story The Musical" in Wisconsin, and country line dancing behind Carson Daly and Billy Ray Cyrus on the TODAY Show.

In addition to performing, Alicia has had years of experience in early childhood development. She's worked with kids at many different developmental stages and in a variety of settings such as, one on ones, group settings and even online interactive sessions. 

For Alicia, GIGIL is the best way to meld her two passions into one!